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Mazda BT-50

Positioned as one tough office, New Mazda BT-50 brought its clever connectivity, stylish interior and tough exterior to tradies, farmers and grey nomads alike as the ultimate mobile office.

bt50 mobile

The Problem

To relaunch the BT-50 as a smart ute that also had the toughness necessary for tradies, farmers and grey nomads alike.

The BT-50’s premium look, refined comforts and technology had seen the it described as sophisticated and refined. Our challenge was to expand this perception and demonstrate that in addition to its smarts, BT-50 was just as tough and capable to handle anything you throw at it.

BT50 Image1

The Solution 

In addition to three separate TVC’s that combined humour, work and fun we developed a digital campaign featuring slow-motion videos, big, bold type and interactivity that was developed in an appealing narrative for our audience.

The site was further enhanced with boundary pushing technical development including bespoke auto-scrolling.

BT50 Image2

Our Approach

Following a UX study that looked at how our audience researched utes online, our digital campaign aimed to deliver content the way they liked to consume it. Secondly, with minimal and bold art direction and slow motion videos of BT-50 in action, we aimed to add grit to its smart perception.

BT50 Image3
BT50 Image4

People’s Reaction

Sales are up almost 10% year on year and the BT-50 now occupies one of the categories most unique positionings.

Project Outcomes




TV Commercials, Print & Digital Advertising, Website Design & Development

Mazda believes imagination is the world’s most valuable resource, because if something can be imagined, it can be created. Mazda view their cars as far more than pieces of machinery. Through inspired craftsmanship and innovative design, each car is brought to life with the spirit of ‘Jinba Ittai’ - the Japanese philosophy of ‘horse and rider as one’. Embraced the world over by drivers and critics alike, Mazda has continually challenged conventions and pushed boundaries in the name of breaking new ground. This pioneering spirit is evident throughout its history, being the only company to successfully commercialise the Rotary Engine.

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